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Iyashi Dome Technology

The long infrared range is between 3 and 1000 micrometers. The cells of our body are mainly receptive to long infrared rays between 4 and 25 micrometers.

The wavelength emitted by the Iyashi Dome is the widest on the market with a radiation from 5 to 20 micrometers which corresponds best to our body.

The Iyashi Dome, to emit its long infrared, uses a technology 100% “MADE IN JAPAN” called “Black Carbon”.

It was developed by a group of Japanese researchers and industrialists and patented in Japan and the United States.

It is specially manufactured for the Iyashi Dome brand with the highest quality and robustness to ensure professional performance and longevity.

Thanks to its highest density, our emission system distributes the Long Infrared evenly over the entire body.

Pictures of the BLACK CARBON used in the IYASHI DÔME :
Measuring instrument: HITACHI Electron Microscope Model: S-4000

La technologie des dômes Iyashi Dôme

The Iyashi Dome solution

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