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The Iyashi Dôme is a treatment device developed for wellbeing, beauty and health professionals since November 2004.

Iyashi Dôme doesn’t follow a trend, never has done and never will do. Iyashi Dôme initiated a trend and has been spearheading it ever since.

This is the reason why we are consciously committed to ensuring the following three points: SAFETY, EFFECTIVENESS, QUALITY.

Les appareils Iyashi Dôme


The 5th generation unit is CE certified by the internationally recognized UL laboratory.

Since 2013, the 4th device generation has complied with the “Medical Device Directive” issued by an independent laboratory in Germany.

Also since 2013, the Iyashi Dôme devices are equipped with circuit breakers stopping the infrared emission when the 2 domes overlap more than 40% to prevent them from heating up on each other, thus ensuring the durability of the equipment and absolute safety.

The control system of the device is operated via a downloadable application on a tablet. Apart from controlling the Iyashi Dome, it also allows the intensity delivered by the domes to be constantly monitored for optimum control, but also displays personalized customer files, an alert in the event of premature user exit, the number of times the dome has been used in the event of the operator’s absence, or even reports of any anomalies (cables disconnected).


Iyashi Dôme is behind the name “Japanese sauna” because its technology comes exclusively from Japan, known for the quality and thoroughness of its manufacturing processes.

The technology employed is manufactured exclusively for the company Iyashi Dôme for professional purposes. Some partners have been using their device for over 10 years! Iyashi Dôme has never stopped improving its treatment device; proof of this performance is in the stringent clinical trials as featured in medical publications. All our protocols each last only 30 minutes.

Since 2013 (4th generation), our controllers use pulsed current (more cost-effective and higher performance). With an average 350W per session, Iyashi Dôme is the lowest energy user and highest yielding device on the market and therefore complies with our environmental ethics.


All of our devices are manufactured and assembled by the best European equipment manufacturers supplying the most beautiful spas in the luxury hotel industry, thalassotherapy and balneotherapy fields.

These manufacturers have their very own leather crafting workshops to cover the domes, mattresses, etc., creating multiple customization possibilities with a variety of the very best materials available, all in compliance with applicable standards such as ISO 9001, TÜVs, etc.

To provide users with the utmost in comfort, we have pushed the boundaries of ergonomy, accessibility and materials with great attention to detail.

« Our level of demand is your success! »


Our brand stands out with a unique universe of care, thanks to its Japanese ritual specifically developed for its partners, over the years, bringing your senses to the fore.
An immersion that begins with an Oshibori towel to refresh, then a 30-minute infratherapy session combined with a diffusion of enriched air and essential oils for those who want an exclusive olfactory experience, as well as a tasting of Floral drink to end the treatment … So many attentions that allow a sensory journey during a session. To this ritual is added the experience of touch with our high quality line (bathrobes, towels, carpets etc …).

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