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History of the brand Iyashi Dôme

Discover how the authentic Japanese sauna, the Iyashi Dome, was born more than 15 years ago.

In 2004, Shogoro Uemura was an entrepreneur in the field of environmental diagnosis. During a trip to Japan to visit his family, Shogoro Uemura’s father introduced him to the work he was doing in collaboration with a group of researchers studying the principle of cellular regeneration subsequent to the harmful effects not only of radioactivity on the body, but also the impact of cell overload on our metabolic system induced by a polluted and stressful environment.

The evidence of detox was clear to Shogoro Uemura, because the body cannot function normally if it is saturated with toxic substances and, as we now know, this is tied to DNA modifications.

In Japan, there is an age-old practice of detoxifying the body called “Suna Ryoho”, especially in the Southern region of Ibusuki. For over 300 years, the Japanese have been taking traditional hot sand baths, burying themselves in the sand of certain natural hot springs. This form of therapy eliminates toxic build-up through sweat and cleanses the body. In these special places, the earth releases heat into the layer of sand surrounding the submerged body, giving the sand precious properties.

This natural source of far infrared radiation inspired Shogoro Uemura who wondered how he could bring this tradition back to France in the simplest way possible through technology that masters the principle used by the Japanese. And so the company Iyashi Dôme was created in November 2004 in order to provide each and every one with access to beneficial treatments for the body and mind.

Iyashi Dôme developed the name “Japanese sauna” back in 2005. Ever since, Shogoro Uemura has been working to reassure users and practitioners by bringing the Japanese notion of service while taking safety further than applicable standards and ensuring optimal results by conducting studies that measure outcomes with medical publications. But also, by developing new concepts and products with quality French partners to create unique and holistic treatment versatility. To do so, Iyashi Dôme works hand-in-hand with a health expert committee in order to constantly push boundaries further. This is the reason why the device is currently present in over 30 countries, simply by word of mouth!

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