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Iyashi Dôme offers you an experience accompanied in every detail by products and accessories of unique quality, thought and designed to guarantee you a sensational care experience .

Les appareils et accessoires Iyashi Dôme

Our Oshiboris

The word oshibori comes from the Japanese word shiboru, which means “to wring out”.

Nowadays, oshiboris of all types can be found all over the world, in restaurants, hotels, and increasingly in spas and sports centres, etc. They are often offered to welcome and wash hands while providing a sense of well-being.

This small, usually hot towel that is presented to you in restaurants in Japan to wipe your hands, Iyashi Dome has decided to make it more than an “accessory”.

With its white tea-scented cotton and freshly served after each session to your users, it is the ideal asset for a successful customer sensory experience in your Japanese sauna!

In partnership with Oshibori Concept®, Iyashi Dôme has thought and designed its own 100% French Oshiboris, individually wrapped to guarantee you optimal hygiene.

Our Osojis

Iyashi Dôme’s vocation is to offer unique, tailor-made experiences, with the senses in the spotlight!

Did you know that there are floral waters to drink?

In “one shot” or in the form of a cure, we, Iyashi Dôme, have decided to launch our range of drinking floral water berlingots, our Osojis, 100% natural to guarantee you a unique care experience!

Detox or Relax, based on lemon, basil, thyme and many other plants and fruits, to help your users in their goals and prolong, at home, the effects of their Iyashi Dôme cures and rehydrate their bodies effectively.

In partnership with Sevessence, Iyashi Dôme has thought and designed its 100% French Osojis and individually packaged to guarantee you a good preservation of the product and optimal hygiene.

Our linen

A unique touch and care with the Iyashi Dôme linen line!

In collaboration with RKF, Iyashi Dôme offers you tailor-made towel kits, bathrobes and spa mats for your Japanese sauna sessions: in 400g cotton or Dreamsoft, 100% French, the Vosges house RKF produces towels of exceptional quality, for unparalleled Iyashi Dôme treatments.

Seriousness, reactivity and constant quality are the key words of this collaboration of more than 8 years!

Our O2 device

More than an option, an introduction to travel!

Available with our ID RenaiSens model, our O2 unit is an oxygen-enriched air diffuser combined with certified organic essential oils for a unique escape.

Detox, Relax or Energy, our essential oils are exclusively created for Iyashi Dôme by the French and internationally recognized nose Jean-Charles Sommerard.

They are manufactured, assembled and bottled by the French perfume house Sevessence.

Appareil Oxygène Iyashi Dôme