Clinical trials


Iyashi Dôme

Skin ageing is a natural and inevitable process that manifests itself through the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots, a decrease in skin firmness and elasticity as well as a loss of radiance. Skin ageing involves both intrinsic factors (genetic and hormonal…) and extrinsic factors (stress, climate, pollution, smoking…). In addition to cosmetics, there are other non-invasive methods that fight against the effects of skin ageing.

Clinical trial

[…] The study was carried out on 13 patients, from 31 to 63 years-old, with skin phototype between II and IV according to the Fitzpatrick

Classification Scale. The 8 Iyashi Dôme sessions each lasted 30 minutes and were carried out twice a week over four weeks.

In order to take the research further, biometric measurements were carried out on both the face and body, using the Cutometer® to measure skin elasticity […], the Corneometer® to measure skin hydration and the Mexameter® to verify the level of haemoglobin and melanin concentrations in the skin […]. Finally, the Iyashi Dôme’s actions on dermal thickness of face and body were visualized and measured using High Frequency Doppler Echography. These measurements define the increase or decrease in thickness of the dermis and, therefore, of the collagen and elastin fibres that compose the skin’s connective tissue.


[…] The far infrared rays emitted by the Iyashi Dôme® are effective in improving the skin’s quality and physiological properties […]. More specifically, after 4 weeks’ use the product improves skin density with an increase in the thickness of the dermis of both face and body, improves skin radiance on the face, decreases skin roughness on the face, decreases wrinkle volume on the face, improves skin hydration on the face and body, improves the complexion (evenness and luminosity of facial skin), improves skin elasticity and firmness on the body and face, stimulates skin microcirculation and reduces the signs of skin ageing. The product was judged to be effective on all skin phototypes and considered as being pleasant to use.