Interview with Shogoro Uemura

Interview with Shogoro Uemura

« Stress, the frenzy of modern life, an imbalanced diet of fast and processed foods, pollution, pressure to perform, negative emotions, ever-present self-control, jet-lag… all these things take a toll on the human body that has to use more energy to cope. Because of this, toxins build up and accumulate in the body and our cells become overloaded. These toxins cause accelerated ageing and weaken the body’s natural defences.

With this in mind, I developed the Iyashi Dôme device that naturally restores balance to the body at a deep level and establishes a feeling of harmony and general wellbeing.

Inspired by the traditional “Suna Ryoho” practice in Japan, Iyashi Dôme transfers a gentle heat to the whole body using the Japanese far infrared technology, making the body produce deep sweat. This deep and effective detoxification helps the body subsequently lose fat, eliminate toxic waste such as heavy metals, recharge its batteries more rapidly and slim down more effectively. Recent studies have also proven the Iyashi Dôme’s effectiveness in treating skin ageing of the face and body. »

Shogoro Uemura, founder of Iyashi Dôme

The Iyashi Dome solution

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