Long infrared

Les infrarouges longs

What is infrared?

Far infrared rays are essential to plant growth and, by extension, to all organic matter. But it was only in 1800 that William Herschel, the German-born British astronomer, discovered them.

For the first time, it was concluded that heat could be transmitted by an invisible form of light, that is to say neither by convection (hot air transfer) nor by conduction (propagation between solid bodies). In short, infrared rays heat objects and not the air, which holds very little heat.

Far infrareds are waves of energy measured in micrometres (or nanometres) and, contrary to common misconceptions, not in temperature.

What is Iyashi Dome Infratherapy?

Iyashi Dome Infratherapy is a safe, gentle and powerful technique using the Long Infrared to allow the body to rise significantly in temperature and thus act on detox, slimming, sleep, skin aging, muscle preparation and recovery, and relaxation.

The Iyashi Dome is a care device intended for professionals of well-being, aesthetics, and health since 2004.

When creating the concept, the Iyashi Dôme company wanted to give everyone access to wellness and beauty care, promoting cell regeneration and metabolism.