The Japanese sauna, Iyashi Dome, is a treatment device for wellness, beauty and health professionals.

The Iyashi Dôme uses long infrared to act, in depth, on detox, slimming, muscle preparation and recovery, sleep, skin aging and many other benefits.

The word Iyashi represents in Japanese the notion of well-being.

What is Iyashi Dome Infratherapy?

Infratherapy Iyashi Dôme is a soft and powerful technique, using long infrared, to allow the body to rise in temperature and thus, act on detox, slimming, sleep, skin aging, muscle preparation and recovery.

How a session of Iyashi Dome takes place

An Iyashi Dome session lasts 30 minutes, cut in 2 times 15 minutes. The 1st quarter of an hour installed on the belly you relax and feel a “sunbathing” effect. The 2nd quarter of an hour – on your back – you start the sports part, perspiration is triggered during this part of the session.

Our studies are based on an average of 8 sessions twice a week.

During an Iyashi Dôme session, the long infrared rays will raise your body temperature, in order to act on detox, slimming, anti-aging, sleep, muscle preparation and recovery …

You will have the impression of sunbathing (without the negative effects of UV rays), your body will therefore relax and calm down.

A treatment session is a real moment of relaxation, and a unique experience thanks to the Iyashi Dome universe.

No, in spite of the absence of perspiration, the emitted infrareds will have allowed a deep relaxation and the detox system will have been started. Your Iyashi Dôme expert will see with you the adequate intensity to regulate in the middle of the session.

Just after your session of Iyashi Dome, you will feel more relaxed, the touch of the skin is softer and you can feel an improvement on the sleep (quality, recovery, …).

The Iyashi Dome ritual offers small, refreshing and moist towels (Oshibori) for you after each treatment session.

The Oshibori towels help to stop perspiration more quickly and to refresh.

However, depending on how your centre is set up, a shower (hot or warm) can be taken if you wish.

We do not recommend the application of cosmetic products just before the session, as perspiration will not allow its absorption and effectiveness.

An application of a cosmetic cream after the treatment is more suitable.

You can’t make Iyashi Dome just as a precaution.

Wearing prostheses is not contraindicated with the practice of the Iyashi Dome.

No, and on the contrary, infrared is beneficial, which is why some maternity wards use long infrared incubators to keep newborns warm. If it wasn’t for the long infrared, there would be no life on earth.

To ensure that you are adequately hydrated before and after your session.

It is not mandatory to remove your make-up.

However, for your comfort, if you perspire during the session, it will be more pleasant for you to do so.

During a session of Iyashi dome, it is preferable to be naked.

Don’t worry, your nudity will be respected thanks to the Dome, and the linen provided for this purpose.

Some centers, for your comfort, can offer you disposable underwear.

You can combine Iyashi Dome with other treatments. Before, during and/or after the Iyashi Dome!

Individuals: ask our Iyashi Dome partners to discover the combined care of Iyashi Dome.

Professional: our teams are at your disposal to help you set up your complementary care protocols!

The Iyashi Dome solution


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