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The far infrared system for perspiration

Research carried out has shown that, in fact, sand has the property of being able to diffuse heat by far infrared rays.

However on the human body, when the far infrareds are isolated from the other elements (salt, earth and solar heat) and when they are not released by the sand being a mineral material, their effectiveness is limited and they don't hold optimal quality.

In order to make an impact on the human body, the far infrared waves must have two essential qualities: correspond to the body's energy curve and be from organic matter.

There are different types of far infrared waves, ranging from 3 to 1000 microns.

The cells of our body release far infrareds between 4 and 25 microns.
Iyashi D me releases organic infrareds (b-carbon) ranging between 5 to 20 microns, the ones corresponding the best to our organism.


One session of Iyashi Dme produces the same amount of sweat as walking at least 20 km, but without the negative effects : excessive endorphin production, active oxygen, the development of fatty acids, cardiac risks, premature use of the body

After one half hour session of Iyashi Dme, one observes the loss of up till 1200 ml of sweat on the whole body. Once this sweat is analyzed, the presence of the elements found in the category 2 perspiration (see page 7) is detected.

Iyashi Dme ensures a loss of up to 600 kilocalories for every half hour session (even more in some cases). Moreover, the heat penetrates up till 40 mm under the skin, which is purified in-depth and cleared.


In Japan, there was traditionally a form of therapy to eliminate toxins: the Suna Ryoho. For several centuries, in the summer, the Japanese would bury themselves in the hot sand near the hot springs on the beach to eliminate toxins from their bodies. These very specific places combined various components; the heat from the earth and the sun warming up the sand which was full of particular properties, such as the sea salt.

Once buried, the body eliminated the accumulated toxins by sweating. When a place had been used for this therapy, it was carefully avoided for several days because of the presence of the toxins which could provoke headaches and uneasiness.

This phenomenon does of course not occur in a session of Iyashi Dme, thanks to the ceramic/titanium technology which has the capacity of decomposing the toxins.


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"Iyashi Dôme ensures a loss of up to 600 calories for every half hour session"

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