The Dômes

The Dômes

Far infrared radiation has wavelengths that range from 3 to 1000 micrometers. Our body’s cells essentially respond to far infrared radiation with wavelengths between 4 and 25 micrometers.

The Iyashi Dome offers the largest wavelength range on the market, with an emission of infrared radiation between 5 and 20 micrometers, the best match for the human body to absorb.

The Iyashi Dome, in order to emit its far infrared rays, uses 100% “MADE IN JAPAN” technology calledBlack Carbon”.

It was developed by a group of Japanese researchers and industrialists and is patented in Japan and the USA.

It is manufactured especially for the brand Iyashi Dôme with the highest standards of quality and robustness in order to provide professionals guaranteed productivity and durability.

Thanks to its very high density, our emission system evenly distributes far infrared radiation to the whole body.

Photos of the BLACK CARBON used in the Iyashi Dôme:
Measuring instrument: HITACHI Electron Microscope      Model: S-4000



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