Options and accessories

Options and accessories

Iyashi Dôme provides a new treatment experience with the utmost attention to detail using products and consumables that take quality to the “extreme”!


Breathing is enhanced during the treatment thanks to an oxygen-enriched air diffusion system combined with certified organic essential oils.

These essential oils were created exclusively for Iyashi Dôme by perfumer Jean-Charles Sommerard, the world-renowned French “nose”.

The system is manufactured, assembled and bottled by the French perfume house Sevessence.

Stay hydrated

Thanks to hydrosols made with organic essential oils created by the same French perfume house, Sevessence, Iyashi Dôme users can stay hydrated during the treatment and at home to keep their cells happy and properly hydrated.


The sense of touch is equally as important. With these 30 minutes of treatment, you have made time for some self-care. We want your experience to be perfect!

This is the reason why we chose RKF, the great house of linen from the Vosges. All of our linen is created in their workshops located in the heart of the Vosges: their attention to detail, reactivity and quality products have never failed us.

We also provide a range of oshibori towels made in France, delicately moistened and perfumed with scents of white tea.

Sight and sound

Last but not least, for your experience to be complete, we have developed in collaboration with two French companies, Set&See and Awox, a connected lightbulb that combines an LED light programme with sound created especially for the Iyashi Dôme session, using specific frequencies according to rhythms that will impact your mood.


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