Clinical Trials


Individual clinical trial

Global results are analysed by the summation of before and after scores. Evaluation protocol for Iyashi Dôme weight loss.

  • 18 volunteers aged 25 to 57.
  • No change whatsoever in nutrition or physical activity was prescribed during the protocol.

The results obtained with the device indicate that the Iyashi Dôme is efficient for weight loss, skin quality enhancement, relaxation and reduction in the appearance of fine lines. The results reveal a 100% satisfaction rate among volunteers who participated in the treatment programme.

  • Over 2 months, at a rate of 2 sessions a week lasting 30 minutes each (i.e.: 16 sessions), the average weight loss was 4kgs – weight loss of up to 6kgs was observed.
  • 1 to 2 dress size reduction.
  • Loss of 2 to 3% body fat.


Trial performed with Class 3 medical measuring device TANITA                  







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