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For centuries, the Japanese have been burying themselves in the sand of various hot springs in order to purify their bodies and eliminate their toxins. The heat (far infrared radiation emitted by the sun) warms the sand and gives it specific properties that are precious to the body’s wellbeing.

This tradition is carried on today with Iyashi Dôme thanks to its performance in far infrared technology.

Clinical trial

A clinical trial was carried out in Switzerland on 22 patients. Samples of sweat were taken from each patient’s body after a session of Iyashi Dôme lasting 25 minutes. The sweat was taken using a Pasteur pipette from the patient’s chest and arms. No metal utensil was used when taking sweat samples. The Laboratory MGD in Geneva (Switzerland) analysed the sweat samples and then compared them with the analysis of urine samples of these same patients. “The analysis […] shows that the Iyashi Dôme increases the amount of toxic heavy metals eliminated such as Strontium, Barium, Nickel, Lead, Molybdenum, Tellurium, Chromium, Cobalt, Arsenic, Cadmium, Aluminium and Copper. This chart shows that the quantities of heavy metals are higher than the average quantity of 514μg/l, with particular effectiveness with regards to Aluminium elimination. […]





































“Analysis of 2ml of sweat taken from patients who underwent Iyashi Dôme Far Infrared sessions lasting 25 minutes demonstrates that there is a real impact on the elimination of heavy metals from the body. The simultaneous analyses of urine samples show the heavy metals are essentially eliminated through sweat.

The action is particularly efficient with regards to the elimination of Aluminium.”

Iyashi Dôme

*P. Blanchemaison, F. Morillon, R. Clement, The Detox Cure.

Advantages of the far infrared device Iyashi Dôme in the removal of heavy metals.

Genesis 2012, n°167, 20-23 (Medical Journal of Gynaecology, n°167 May 2012)



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