In Japanese, the word Iyashi represents the notion of wellbeing, calmness, relaxation…

Yes, wearing a prosthesis is not a contraindication for Iyashi Dôme sessions.

An Iyashi Dôme session lasts 30 minutes, and is composed of 2 steps each lasting 15 minutes. The 1st 15-minute period is spent lying face down; you will relax and feel a “sunbathing” effect. During the 2nd 15-minute period, lying on your back, a deeper physical effect will take place; the sweating process is initiated during this part of the session.

According to the centre’s facilities you may be able to take a warm to hot shower. Using the moist and refreshing small towel method is another possibility that cools the body’s temperature and is quicker in stopping the body from sweating.

Applying a skincare cream prior to your session would be ineffective as the active ingredients will not penetrate into the skin due to the sweating process. On the other hand, applying a skincare cream afterwards is highly recommended.

No, quite the opposite as the far infrared rays emitted by our Japanese sauna are beneficial for your health. This is the reason why various hospitals use incubators equipped with far infrared heaters to keep new born babies warm. If it weren’t for far infrared radiation there would be no life on earth.

In order to make sure that you are properly hydrated before and after your treatment.

Immediately after your Iyashi Dôme session you will feel more relaxed, your skin will feel softer and you will sleep better at night (quality, rest…).

Our clinical trials are based on an average of 8 sessions at a rate of 2 sessions a week.

No, despite the absence of sweat the far infrared rays will have had a deeply relaxing effect and initiated the detox process… Half-way through the session, your Iyashi Dôme expert will check with you to ensure adequate intensity and make any necessary adjustments.

This isn’t compulsory, however, for your comfort it is highly recommended.

Yes, however some centres provide disposable underwear.


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